Reflections: Project Chameleon (Season 1)

1 Seasons Mar 2021

(Project Chameleon) My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy) and I was failed experiment by the Russian Government. My side effects include nose bleeds, blurred vision, paranoia, hostility, depression, hallucinations, and mood disturbances.

For Bobby

TV-PG 13 min

In this psychological thriller, "Bobby," who was in the wrong place wrong time was shot during a violent gang-related dispute outside his home.

When the Sun Dies

TV-PG Coming soon

In the year 2050; a group of scientists left a capsule in a secret bunker to be found containing information on how to prevent the sun from dying based on technology techniques in the century they lived among. This was code-named, "Project Sun," and was found in 2091 by former NASA Engineer named Eugene Patterson. Shortly after 2050 a meteoroid struck Earth and eliminated 70% of its population. It is now controlled by a group of outlaws who have banished any intelligent work to commence on the planet Earth. Eugene Patterson has been in hiding since 2050 a former NASA engineer in attempt to find a solution to the world's problem; what happens when the sun dies? In the midst of finding answers; he's also attempting to find a cure for his dying son Earl who has a rare chromosome disease. Eugene will be put to the ultimate test while confronting the outlaws and making the ultimate decision. Do I save my son or do I save what's left of the world?

Letters for Annie: Memories from WW2

TV-PG 1 hr 15 min

In 2007, Annie Connerton called John Lombardo in a frantic state to come visit her immediately and to bring a box of war letters dating back to the 1940's that were in John's possession. Upon arriving Annie told John she started to have vivid flashbacks after watching the movie, "Letters from Iwo Jima," that was shown during a local hospice movie event at her facility. She told John she wanted to read the letters and share the Lombardo memories with him before these flashbacks go away. This was Annie's dying wish. The legacy of Vic Lombardo, Pat Lombardo, Tony Lombardo, and John Lombardo must be told. This is the untold story of the Lombardo Family Letters.

Elizabeth Carter

TV-MA 35min

Amy Finke, Claire Foster, Diane Waters; just some of victims that were murdered by Henry Millard a Harvard Psychologist.. By using his psychology degree and his powerful mind he can lure his victims and be untraceable to the crimes of murder. In 2019 Henry moved into a new hometown and has his eye on Elizabeth Carter a recent literacy graduate who resembles many qualities of his ex-wife.

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4hr : 20mins | 6 Episodes: Season 1


Now streaming on McGee Productions the first episode of Reflections EP1: Pilot. The rest of the episodes coming soon.

When the Sun Dies Film -- INTRO Song by BEPW

I've Moved On By Brian Ebin Wolfe

Pour me whiskey for breakfast, with my morning tea
Soon I'll be putting some distance, between these outlaws and me
I've discarded most of my history
I'm beyond fear, I've moved on
Where's that future, once bright as the sun
How can I save the whole world, if I can't save my son
The deeper I go, the farther I see
It's like I'm back at NASA, part of the great mystery
I've discarded most all of my history
I'm beyond fear, I've moved on
I'm beyond fear, I've moved on
credits from Passage, released April 30, 2021
Brian Ebin Parker Wolfe: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric guitars
Bobo Lavorgna: Bass
Peter Mitchell: Keyboards
Harmonies: Rose Wolfe, Bumpy Chimes
Recorded by Michael Arafeh at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio, Middletown CT, Produced by Michael Arafeha