Joseph McGee, Writer & Director (Founder)

Joseph McGee / Founder CEO of McGee Productions USA

Founded in 2017 by Joseph McGee; McGee Productions is a video production company serving New England. We specialize in short/feature films and music videos.

If you don’t see a service list we probably still can handle it; send us an email at

“Filming is much like an unfinished art project; it’s defined to a degree but always a work in progress. In order to obtain one’s attention — lines need to be drawn by using abstract colors” – Joseph McGee

Joe McGee sitting with Actor James Malcom on the Set of Letters for Annie (2017) onboard the BB59, in Fall River MA.

Stephen McGee, Music Composer

Mark Wither, PA (Production Ninja)

YanCarlos Martinez (Cindy), Camera B

Ryan Uriano, Drone Operator

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