For Bobby

TV-14 13 min Nov 2020

In this psychological thriller, "Bobby," who was in the wrong place wrong time was shot during a violent gang-related dispute outside his home.

Letters for Annie: Memories from WW2

TV-PG 1 hr 15 min Dec 2017

In 2007, Annie Connerton called John Lombardo in a frantic state to come visit her immediately and to bring a box of war letters dating back to the 1940's that were in John's possession. 

The Harvard Psychologist

TV-MA 40min Jan 1970

Amy Finke, Claire Foster, Diane Waters; just some of victims that were murdered by Henry Millard a Harvard Psychologist.. By using his psychology degree and his powerful mind he can lure his victims and be untraceable to the crimes of murder. In 2019 Henry moved into a new hometown and has his eye on Elizabeth Carter a recent literacy graduate who resembles many qualities of his ex-wife.

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