McGee Productions USA was Founded in 2017 by Joseph McGee, is a FILM company with our initial goal to make books into films or TV shows. We have expanded our portfolio outside of just our own work and offer the same quality to our clients in New England.

“It’s about having the courage to bring your idea from a vision to a plan. As a child I would read Dracula books and as the words are described on paper; my head was making the visuals of what I was reading. That is fascinating to me. As I grew older, I became more of a visual movie person instead of a book person. I wanted to combine both worlds of interpreting words and showing the public what my mind was seeing. When those words come to life by the actors – it’s the greatest gift. ” – Joseph McGee

Joseph McGee (left) discussed a script with Actor Justin Fortin in 2017, from Fall River, MA aboard the BB59.

Need us for your next project? We are located in New England and have been serving since 2017.

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