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Featured Actor: Tommy Fury

May 10, 2021 —

McGee Productions discussed the role of Henry Millard/ Edward Atkins in Elizabeth Carter with Tommy Fury today.

Tommy Fury as Edward Atkins in Elizabeth Carter FIlm.

1. Tell us more about Tommy Fury, hobbies, when you got into acting and who/what you’re inspirations are and or mentors? 

     I am actor Tommy Fury. I started as a singer/songwriter before I got into acting. I came in second place as song writer for Brook Hogan. Coming in second sorta crushed me and I said to myself what do I really want to do instead of music. Right away I put my guitar down and started taking private acting lessons. Which included method acting along with many other styles including the Lee Strasberg style. As I was heading to my 9th acting lesson I knocked on the door of my teachers house and what he said shocked me. I said I’m here for my lesson, he said your all set. I looked at him and said “what do you mean?” He said you don’t need me anymore. I said why not? He said you’re a natural and it’s time to get out there and show your skills. 

     I became active in acting after the passing of my father in 2015. My father was my mentor as he was a natural actor with a personality that could light up a dark room. I learned a lot from him and how to be passionate in what I love. Before he passed, I was holding his hand and he said “you’re gonna be famous” I laughed and we spent his last moments with smiles on our faces.

     I knew I had the gift of acting when I was in junior high and we used to do story reading. The teacher said to me “when you read your lines it’s almost as if another person is in the room” she mentioned that when I read my parts she didn’t even recognize my voice” to be honest with you I think it freaked her out. Every story was a different voice. 

     As for inspirations I would have to say Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath ledger, Will Smith and Johnny Depp. I thrive off of how original and unique they are compared to many other actors. Hence to be unique is my goal and my vision. 

2. How will you prepare for the role of Henry/Edward?

     In preparation for these characters it takes some serious method acting techniques. Including what would it be like to be a psychologist and how would it be standing in his shoes. What would it be like to be a hippie/ serial killer.   As for Henry it starts with the voice, the speed of his talking, professional persona, along with his walk etc.

Not only that, I also would have to be very convincing and conning with his lines. As he is a mastermind in many ways. No task is impossible for Henry to accomplish.

     As for Edward it all starts with the look, then voice, the walk, his sensitivity, emotions, facial expressions, hand movements, the way he holds his knife, etc.  I visioned him as a hippie that can act kind but eccentric as well as very psychotic. A sweet talker who looks harmless but is a demon inside.

3. Any challenges preparing for a dual role with voice changes?

     I would have to say Henry was a little challenging only because of how low I envisioned his voice to be. Although, I have no problem doing the voice, it took me a little while to finalize how I pictured a physiologist to sound. Very professional and kind of a slow talker compared to Edwards fast quirky talking. So the voices are very different. 

4. What’s your favorite part of the script or character?

     I would have to say I love the whole script, it is a unique, brilliant piece.  Although, I will definitely say the scene with Edward and Elizabeth in Edwards residency is my favorite. This is where I have the most room to shine as an actor. 

5. Any scenes you are excited for?

     Yes, I am exited for all of them. The one with Cory is gonna be super cool.  Although, I’ll have to say when I confront Elizabeth is the one I am mostly excited for. 

6. Where can we find more about Tommy Fury?

You can find more about me on my IMDb page as well as my Facebook acting page.  I also will be starting a YouTube channel called “FURY’S ACTORS LOUNGE”. 

The channel will be geared towards helping other actors. The channel will be fun, knowledgeable and inspirational. Many topics will be covered that will help other actors develop self confidence, and help them master their craft along with many other topics. 

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