Portfolio: Event Photography

Need Photography for an event? We got you covered?

Private Event, Headshots. Email us jmcgee@mcgeeproductions.us

Corporate / Religious / we do all events

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Portfolio: Short Film

For Bobby by McGee Productions (2020). In this psychological thriller, “Bobby,” who was in the wrong place wrong time was shot during a violent gang-related dispute outside his home. Lost and heart-broken his sister; Ava remains shattered inside with the loss of her brother Bobby. Bobby was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Watch at https://youtu.be/Q7B2KopOrQ8

Portfolio: Feature (TV)

Reflections: Project Chameleon (2021). (Project Chameleon) My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy) and I was failed experiment by the Russian Government. My side effects include nose bleeds, blurred vision, paranoia, hostility, depression, hallucinations, and mood disturbances. Watch at MP SITE

Portfolio: Music Video

MP filmed and edited Freeze’s Video, “So Different,” Watch on YouTube.

Portfolio: Corporate

MP films corporate videos for clients. Watch, “Attention: HS Students,” video for IMTI on YouTube.

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