As of 9/22/2021

Tony Martone — Auditions


Tony “Untouchable” Martone leads the mafia in East Providence, RI until a rival family (Amato) attempts to take control of their territory. During a poker game at Amato’s establishments one of Martone’s associate is caught cheating at a poker game and learn who he is. When the first blood is drawn, the line is crossed and leads into a deadly game of control.

*filming in RI, MA, and CT in November 2021, non-union only.

To send interest email headshot and role of interest to along with your union status and location by 10/15/21.

Roles Casted:

  • Mario Carneiro as Tony Martone (The Don)
  • Ray Boutin as Ray Amato (The Rival Don)
  • David Torres JR as Stefano “Smooth” Esposito associate to Amato family
  • Gio Drasconi as Angelo “The Handler” Matozzo associate to Amato family
  • Mark Wither as Marco “Shovels” Romano
  • Ken Sweeten for Amato Underboss
  • Nicky Scarz as “The Fixer”
  • Mauricio Viteri Giuseppe “Razor” Rizzo associate to Tony Martone
  • Rodney Dahlgren Lorenzo “Shakes” Mancini associate to Tony Martone
  • Bill Gannon Dock Union worker associate to Tony Martone
  • Fred George as Policeman
  • Funeral Director (TBA)
  • Derek Webb as Kyle the “Associate” who works for Tony Martone– Male hothead who crosses the Amato family and is killed to send a message about cheating.
  • Quang Milligan as associate Chung Kong
  • Bob Mignarri as Martone’s Underboss
  • Male son of Tony Martone Michael Trent
  • Christine Festa as Greta

Roles Open for Auditions:

  • None

Extra / Background

  • 20 background people for a WAKE (male/ females).
  • 5 background associates for Martone
  • 2 Extra’s in poker game for Amato Family
  • 1 male for trunk scene
  • 1 male for killing scene
  • 2 FEMALE servers

When the Sun Dies — Auditions

Roles to be posted very soon. Please return back later.

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