Article 92- Enters Pre-Production by Hawk Studios

May 5, 2023 — Hawk Studios begins budget alignments as well as location scouting for the NEW Feature — Article 92. One of the first stops in filming may be Woodbury, CT.

Plot: During a late night drive, Dan Ravenport finds himself blinded by a glowing light during a late night drive and confronted by the US army who are covering up an alien encounter on the roadway.
Genre: Military, Sci-Fi , Drama | Type: Feature

Alien SFX Sculpture by Rob Cobasky

We would like to hire Award-Winning SFX Artist, Joseph-Rob Cobasky who made a werewolf so real it went viral and people thought it was REAL! . That is the kind of realism we need. We will have him make a FULL-SIZE Alien for our opening scene. Viral Hoax Source >> TMZ << — his creations take many months to complete so it’s important we get to work soon.

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