Hawk Studios appears in Waterbury – Republican paper — May 2023

WOODBURY – An alien invasion is scheduled to take place in a local cornfield this fall.

First Selectman Barbara K. Perkinson confirmed this week a Hollywood studio has reached out to the town about bringing in a film crew to shoot scenes for an upcoming science fiction film at a farm on Quassapaug Road. She said filming would be done during the evening hours sometime in September or October.

Hawks Studios, in a letter to town, said the film “Article 92” is a military drama slated to be released on Amazon Prime sometime next year. The plot involves a man named Dan Ravenport who, during a late-night drive, becomes blinded by a glowing light and is confronted by the U.S. Army, which is attempting to cover up an alien encounter in the roadway.

Article 92, a military code, defines disobeying a direct order as three types of offenses: violations or failures to obey lawful general orders or regulations, failures to obey other lawful orders and dereliction of duty.

Ravenport is questioned by the military, and eventually orders are given for him to be executed for national security purposes.

The movie delves into the question of when do lawful and unlawful military orders apply, and when will disobeying an order apply (Article 92), hence the name of the film.

Joe McGee of Hawks Studio said his company will use Army vehicles, blank-shooting semi-automatic weapons and an SFX full-size alien sculpture during filming.

The Board of Selectmen on Thursday voted to approve a temporary closure of the road while filming takes place.

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