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Sci-Fi, Drama

Article 92 is about a journalist named Dan Ravenport who discovers the US army dragging an alien across the roadway. During his capture and interrogation, the military decides he shall be executed but is that a lawful or unlawful order.

On Nov 18th, we traveled to October films in UK for Oval Office Scenes.


Dan Ravenport is a washed up journalist who just was fired from his job at the Tribune Times. To make matters worse; bills are piling up and his wife is noticing his newfound affection towards alcoholism. To get away from the pressure of it all; Dan decides to leave in the middle of the night and take a familiar drive. It was this night he became a national security interest and discovered an alien being captured by the US Army.  

Day 1 of production started in Massachusetts for the General Mansion scenes. We have shared some BTS and production stills from the filming on this day. Filming with actor, Mark Wither as US General Bronson shown below with Director, DP; Joe McGee.

This film concept title, “Article 92,” is based upon the Unified Military Code of Justice. Within this code or book contains Articles. One specific Article states, “Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation,” which is Article 92. In our film a highly ranked US General demands that SGT MILLER in the US Army to execute Dan Ravenport. It was in this moment that the SGT questioned orders. What is the difference between lawful and un-lawful orders? If the SGT disobeys an order; can he become court martialed under Article 92?

(Actual General Picture from movie, Article 92 with Mark Wither as US GENERAL BRONSON, filmed 9/10/23)

Perhaps or perhaps not since the order is NOT LAWFUL. It was in that moment that SGT Miller realizes it’s not moral and lawful so he decides to break out Mr. Ravenport. This movie quickly becomes a cat-and-mouse thriller.

The tone of our film creating was inspired by movies listed below. We anticipate a high level of tension; some plot twists and some action and fighting to elevate our film into the sci-fi/drama/ thriller genre’s.

  • Crimson Tide
  • Enemy of the State
  • Men in Black
  • X-Files

Pre-production has ended in August 2023. We are now in a filming status and will embark on this journey from Sept-December 2023 we are filming at many locations mostly in CT, MA, and RI on the East Coast and have some special stops along the way.

We will be filming in October at NEAM, Windsor Locks, CT. Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association, the parent organization of the New England Air Museum. The NEAM: 60 Years, 60 Stories project celebrates this important milestone by chronicling the museum’s history through the stories of current and former museum volunteers and employees as well as institutional records. In October 2023; we will be in Windsor Locks among many million dollar aircraft as our back-drop for some of our military dialogue scenes.

One of our larger scenes is in Woodbury, CT on Oct 14 (Closed set) featuring our alien has our focal point along with many military trucks coming into Woodbury for our 8pm shoot. Our alien will be on-site for this scene on Oct 14th.

Filmmaking is like an unfinished art project; it’s defined to a degree but always a work in progress. In order to obtain one’s attention; lines need to be drawn by using abstract colors.

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JOSEPH MCGEE, Founder Hawk Studios

  • Joseph McGee, Founder Hawk Studios.