Tony Martone — Now Streaming REVEEL Platform

Watch Tony Martone now for FREE on REVEEL platform. About the film: Tony “Untouchable” Martone leads the mafia in East Providence, RI until a rival family (Amato) attempts to take control of their territory. Find the film > WATCH FREE < Directors Joseph McGee, DOP Joseph McGee, Written by Joseph McGee Starring Mario Carneiro, Danny Fainman, Nicky […]

“RISE” by STEVE MCGEE to Play — Red Carpet Event April 23, 2023

HAWK STUDIOS will play the, “RISE,” by Steve McGee at the premiere of, “The Last Stop,” at the red carpet premiere in honor of Steve McGee. Steve McGee is the curator of Hawk Studios and is the official song of HAWK STUDIOS. He was HAWK STUDIOS music composer and passed away on July 8, 2022. […]